Daryon Hotels International LLC
ONE Penn Plaza # 6160
New York, NY 10119
917-330-3320 Phone
917-330-3324 Fax
20% Rebate
on First Months Fees. Please use code FORUM2017DHI.

Offer valid through Dec 30, 2017  Not in conjunction with other offers and discounts
DHI is a step or two ahead of other management companies. In our school of thought, increased revenue combined with modern sales and marketing and enhanced with guest satisfaction is what you might need. We have increased the RevAPAR Index and/or Revenue of each and every hotel we have managed by over 20% and up to 45% in some cases.

That is 3-5 times more than what franchise companies promise you. 
Sales and Marketing in our industry needs much improvement for many hotels. A combination of unrealistic expectations, lack of modern marketing tactics and chronic targeting of wrong market segments has created a report producing sales staff instead of actual sales.   The hospitality business is increasingly dependent on the internet, OTAs and web-based operations. DHI is one of the very rare management companies that understand this new trend very well and highly specialized in using this new wave to benefit the client hotels.  
Call us today; you are losing $10K to $30K a month for an average hotel for every month we are not helping you!
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