The Successful Hire

It as been said that success can be measured in many ways and in the business world: That first measurement is “The Successful Hire”.  

Having said that; just exactly how do you make a successful hire?   First, you as a successful businessperson must take the due-diligence necessary to find the right fit to your businesses needs.  This is accomplished, primarily, by hiring the person with a good personality, honesty, loyalty, and integrity, not to mention strong work ethics.  Moreover, I realize that the skeptics out there are spouting profusely that this is not possible because there is no such thing as a perfect employee and the truth is they are exactly right.  You cannot hire the perfect employee you must develop them and that starts with the successful interview.

Although it is important to call references on the perspective hire, the chances are, because of our litigious society, you will not get the answers you are looking for in calling these references.  Given this, the informal assessment offers the best chance of finding the “right fit”. In other words, the most qualified person. The informal assessment consists of a series of interviews and questions that are designed to determine if the person being interviewed does not only fit into your organization but is the “right fit” for your organization.  The interview process can be extremely productive in disclosing a perspective employee’s character, work ethics, and honesty, if the right questions are asked. 

Where does the effective interview start and with whom?  Surprisingly, the effective interview starts not with the questions but with the employer.  Interviews, buy nature, are excruciatingly uncomfortable not only for the interviewer (the employer) but the interviewee (the applicant).  Therefore, as the employer it is your responsibility to set the tone of the interview by meeting the applicant at the door, extending a firm handshake, making eye contact and be genuinely pleased to having the opportunity of interviewing the person in front of you.  Although the environment needs to be relaxed, informal, and friendly, the approach needs to remain professional, well prepared and thought out.

The art of proper interviewing consists of objectively determining the applicant’s suitability for employment by asking a series of different types of questions, such as, emotionally thought provoking, open-ended, job related and leading, as well as, non-leading.  Examples of some of these questions are as follows:

· What kind of an environment do you like to work in?

·  Do you work best alone or in groups?

· What do you do to contribute to the well being of your co-workers?

· How can you help your co-workers become more fulfilled at their work?

· If you could change two things about the last place you worked, what would they be?

·What do you think makes the workplace the kind of place where people enjoy going to work?

· Can you tell me about a time when you had to persuade your boss to adopt your point of view?

· Can you give me an example of a complex problem you had to handle and how you did it?

· Can you except authority?

·Do you have reliable transpiration?


The interesting thing about these types of questions is that they are designed to speak not to a persons’ skill but to their emotional intelligence. 

In conclusion, it is important to realize that the aforementioned questions are designed to reduce turnover and increase employee retention.  However, its’ main purpose is to help any and all businesses to hire the right person for the right job.  Remember: You can train tasks but you cannot train honesty, integrity, loyalty, and friendliness. You have to find (through proper interviewing) that and: “Hire it”.  


William P. Hill
General Manager (Motel 6) 


William P. Hill
General Manager (Motel 6) 1027 Apalachee Parkway Tallahassee, Florida-32301
Ph: 850-877-6171
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